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Jewellery Designing SydneyWe are a very busy studio, we do all types of jewellery, custom and pre-drawn bespoke jewellery designs. If you come in for a walk-in and we are free we can usually see you right then and there, if however we are booked out for a couple hours but have space later in the day then we can book you in for our next available time.

Please keep in mind this isn’t Tiffany & Co and our artists/jewellers are always designing or hand manufacturing jewellery. If your design needs some time to prepare or we are working with another client, please be patient with us and we’ll do our best to take care of you as soon as we can.

We can normally design and discuss most smaller jewellery designs on the spot and if time permits we can design larger pieces within 48 hours. Engagement rings, wedding rings or any other large meaningful bespoke styled jewellery will first need a "Jewellery Design Appointment" and then an additonal booking for another day will need to be made so the artist/jeweller has time to design and make sure all gemstones are ready for viewing and approval for the design. If you walk in and we have time available an artist/jeweller will consult with you and work out your next Troy Clancy Bespoke Jewellery piece to add to your collection.

It is recommended to ring the studio or email us to pre-arrange appointments to avoid disappointment that we are booked out without time to help you on the spot.




Request a Jewellery Design Appointment Troy Clancy Jewellery Studio Sydney Australia

If you have an idea that needs to be drawn up, then the best thing to do is book a consultation with one of our very talented artist/master jewellers for your style of Jewellery. 

You can then use the “Book In '' button on the “Contact” button on the bottom right to arrange a time to come and meet with us. Appointments are a free-of-charge half hour commitment-free planning appointment to discuss all the details of the design and whether you want to go ahead and get a piece of bespoke jewellery handcrafted to perfection, there is no obligation or hard sell, we love to meet and talk jewellery and gemstones with the public.

If you decide you want to book in for a jewellery design appointment with the artist/jeweller, you will have to leave a $400 deposit to secure the booking and have the artist/jeweller draw your design for you and show you all the gemstones that would be on offer. We never charge for our custom drawings, it’s all included in the final price of the jewellery, no hidden costs.

Drawings are prepared and completed for the day of your jewellery design appointment by the artist/jeweller prior to your appointment. We have a pretty demanding drawing and working schedule so prearranged drawings are not usually shown until the day of your appointment. It is policy of the studio that artists/jewellers don’t email their jewellery designs from the studio to clients, it’s much easier to discuss changes, if necessary, in person during a second consultation or the day of the jewellery design appointment, small changes are easy done. 

We are happy to consult with you as long as it takes and over multiple visits and work on your design together until we find exactly what you are looking for, sometimes a second or even third consult is necessary to finalise the design and this is all good and consults are always free of charge, as are drawings.



Booking Procedure

You’ll receive an exact fixed price when you book in for your jewellery design appointment.

All jewellery design appointments need to be secured with a deposit. This is not refundable for any reason and as we set aside this time for you and your booking, so please be sure when you book in. The deposit amount comes off the final price of the jewellery we create for you.





Booking Terms & Conditions

Once you are booked in with a deposit for your jewellery design appointment we ask that you try your hardest to come on time to your scheduled appointment that was agreed upon. We are a very busy studio and our artists/jewellers are highly sought after. Therefore, if you reschedule your appointment or cancel without at least 1 weeks notice your deposit will have $100 deducted for your allocated appointment time, if you reschedule or cancel within 72 hours of your appointment, your entire deposit will be forfeited. If you miss your appointment without notice your deposit is forfeited and you may need to leave a new deposit for your next appointment. Obviously from time to time, we are aware there are circumstances that do pop up out of the blue and plans need to be changed. This will be reviewed on a case by case at the discretion of the studio.

We pride ourselves on always being professional, being on time, being prepared and not making clients wait or be inconvenienced unnecessarily. We please ask the same in return so that we can provide you with a world class jewellery design and manufacturing experience from us!