As a man very in tune with his profession, there’s a lot of things I could rant and rave about when it comes to jewellery. But one of the nicest things about it is just how dynamic one piece of jewellery can be – too many people come to me looking for something new when they don’t realise they could easily have it with what they already own. While I’m always happy to help a client out for a new accessory, I find myself reminding more and more people as the years go on to check out the bottom of their jewellery box first.

Because even if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they might just find something that can be turned into what they’re looking for. And I don’t mind saying, with the right custom jeweller the odds are good that you can turn anything old into just the cool and in-style piece of jewellery that you’ve been in search of.

The most common item we get asked to remodel here at Troy Clancy Jewellery  would be rings, and for good reason – practically everyone has an old family heirloom buried at the bottom of a box. Rings can be a highly versatile piece of jewellery, even if you can’t figure out how at first glance. A real professional will always know what you can do with Grandma’s old ring to give it a modern touch – what they recommend might just surprise you. For every time I can alter the design and leave a rings structure basically intact, there’s been another time where I took said structure and turned it something completely different, like a pair of earrings.

From a professional standpoint, I find that to be the best thing about refurbishing antiquated jewellery, the creative rush of doing something completely new with the old. If it wasn’t a challenge, it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun – surprising my customers with unimagined possibilities is one of the best parts of my job.

The biggest hurdle a lot of people have regarding this is an emotional one. More than few customers have come to me, asking if I thought it was okay for them to alter an old piece of jewellery that had been handed down to them. My answer? Your inheritance is a little bit of a loved one who wanted you to keep them with you as you moved through the world, if that inheritance is sat at the bottom of a box because it’s too unfortunate looking to proudly wear, then you’re not doing that loved one any favours at all. If you’re still thinking of them every time you look at your fancy new piece of jewellery fashioned from what they gave you, as you undoubtedly would be, then you’re still honouring them.

Now you’re just honouring them in style.

To find out more about how your can take old loved pieces and turn them into something new, get in touch with us now.