If you are look for the timeless elegant diamond engagement rings Sydney then you have to consider a emerald cut diamond. While brilliant cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds are modern favorites for brides to be, many people are starting to want that classic stunning solitaire that is a little more old school. Distinctive in shape, an emerald cut diamond is usually rectangular with the corners taken off at a forty-five degree angle.

The emerald cut diamond appears to look best in a beautiful four claw setting to show off as much of the diamond as possible. This diamond will not have the sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond as it has very large long facets which gives it flashes of light rather that a constant sparkle. The elegant appearance of an emerald cut diamond and the fact that it is a less common choice that makes emerald cut engagement rings so special.

If you are considering an emerald cut diamond, there are a few characteristics that you should consider first. This is so you can be sure to have the best proportions possible to show off such an elegant diamond. This is due to the fact that this shape has got open facets, it is most important to opt for a high colour and clarity so that your diamond appears very white with no hidden inclusions that may be seen once set it into your engagement ring. This is something that we can show you in more detail within our Sydney studio.