It is alarming at  how many jewellers claim to handcraft diamond engagement rings Sydney these days. I have found from talking to my clients and looking at the jewellers websites and social media photos that they tell me about are outright lying to you about the manufacturing process.

It is a real shame that a lot of jewellery stores, studios and jewellers themselves just can’t be honest with their customers. You will hear comments like.. “Your engagement ring is hand assembled” or “We don’t outsource any of our work”.. with the reality being we will CAD design and cast your jewellery through a third party for you and probably sell your design again to others if it is nice.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a process where you can design a ring on your computer and send the file that has been created on a 3D wax printing machine. It will print layers of wax ontop of itself until it has created the whole piece of jewellery in wax. It will then be placed into investment plaster to create a mould of the ring. Once the plaster has been set hard, the wax is melted out. A machine heats the mould up and then pours the melted gold or platinum into the mould which creates the piece identically to what was on your computer. This is known as casting or mass production jewellery.

This process allows your very skilled computer tech the ability to create your engagement ring. Your jeweller then cleans the casted ring, attaches the settings and then sets the diamonds. This ring has now been hand assembled, which is a term used to make you think it has been skillfully handcrafted for you.

If you have a CAD ring, then your ring is in its softest state that it can possibly be. Without the opportunity of being work hardened. Platinum for example is a very soft metal and must be

work hardened for durability and if it is not, it is soft like butter. This type of ring will bend, scratch and you could potentially lose your diamonds from the setting because the metal is not strong enough to hold them.

A major difference between handcrafted and hand assembled is the quality. When hand making jewellery, a jeweller will work harden the metal and make the ring to suit your style and tastes. This means that they will forge, fold and bend the metal to change the metal molecules to a hardened state which takes a lot of skill and precision.

Handcrafting jewellery obviously comes at an additional price, not to mention skill level. I know myself though, if I wanted to design a beautiful dining table and have it custom made for me. I would not be going into places like Ikea to see what they can do for me, because they are known for mass produced flat packed furniture. So if you cannot see the workshop within the jewellery store or studio you are visiting, you have to ask yourself  how is my ring being made.

If you take the time to design that special piece then it should be made properly. How will you feel if that special piece that you have designed for your special loved one is on file ready to pull the trigger on a reproduction of it? Or perhaps this doesn’t matter if you are wanting the cheapest alternative available to you and quality is not an issue, then I would say CAD is for you. Otherwise if a good quality diamond engagement ring is a high priority for that special someone in your life, then a handcrafted one of a kind ring would be exactly what you are looking for.