It is "traditional" for a man to spend a minimum of 2 months’ salary on your special ladies engagement rings Sydney. We are sure that this would shock both men and women. However these days it really comes down to what you can comfortably afford to spend without re mortgaging your house to get it.

Many people like to make big and bold statement with their engagement ring with getting the biggest diamond as their budget will allow, but for some people to do that the quality of the diamond may suffer to allow for that bigger size. So there starts to become a fine line between big and showy to fractionally smaller but very bright and full of fire.

We here at Troy Clancy Jewellery like to educate our clients by showing you the differences in the quality of each diamond, so that you understand what is good and what it not. This will allow you to make an informed decision on what will suit your budget and what you would like.

  • There are a few things to consider in deciding your engagement ring.

  • Are you a girlie girl or do you like to get your hands dirty? this will determine the appropriate height of the ring.

  • Are you planning on wearing it all the time?

  • Would you like something 'Uniquely Designed' just for you, so no one else will have the same design?

  • Do you like yellow gold, white gold or platinum?

  • Will your new ring need maintenance? Like rhodium plating of white gold etc

  • Have you thought about Insurance for the ring?

Before you make the all important decision on your engagement ring make sure you have spoken with a specialist from our studio for expert advice, we have huge selection of diamonds and can help you co-design your ideal engagement ring that will be treasured for life.