The name "Princess Cut" was originally used in connection with another diamond cut, otherwise known as the "Profile" cut, designed by Arpad Nagy, a London cutter, in 1961. The same name was later used and made popular by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz in Israel in 1979. A similar cut with only 49 facets, as opposed to the original 58 facets of the princess cut, was later branded the "Quadrillion" and initially distributed by Ambar Diamonds in Los Angeles. Three years of optical research yielded a square stone with faceting similar to that of a round brilliant cut diamond.

Princess cut engagement rings are extremely fashionable and suits almost any style you’re looking for. These diamonds can look stunning as a solitaire or you can encrust your ring with small round brilliant diamonds making the princess cut the centre focus. Both these styles are popular and work well to make the perfect engagement ring. It doesn’t matter if you have a half a carat or a two carat princess cut, you can make this shape work well for your budget and have a superbly sparkling engagement ring.

Many people simply choose a princess cut diamond after the name of this diamond. After all, all ladies like to feel and look like a princess every once in awhile and with a princess cut diamond elegantly displayed in a stunning designed engagement ring. This is the perfect shape that can simply take your breath away.