The internet has started to be the preferred method of shopping for many people all around the world. Even with many website at the moment that are selling only online with no shop front or a real place of business for you to visit if needed. With that said the plus side to this is that due to the companies lower over heads merchandise can be cheaper.

There are a few things that you should consider first though if this is the method of shopping you would prefer to use.

  • Does the website display their contact details? Not just an email, an address and phone etc.

  • Is this company a registered business?

  • What returns policy is in place?

  • Is the item of jewellery covered under their insurance until you receive it?

  • Are there credit card facilities safe and secure?

When you are going to buy diamonds online:

There are many businesses online that are offering cheaper diamonds direct to the public. This is not all bad… if you have done some research and you trust the people you are buying from.

There are a few key considerations you should have when buying a diamond online:

  • Again, is the company you are dealing with reputable and well established?

  • Has this business allowed you to discuss the diamond you are interested in over the phone, to give you their personal opinion on that particular diamond?

  • Are you buying internationally recognized certified diamonds?

  • Does the company offer contact details other than an email address? If so, call and speak to them to be sure they are reputable and reliable.

  • Ask them if this is a suitable diamond in their professional opinion.

  • Is this an Australian based business? If not, what fees and charges are involved to import the diamond? If there is a problem how will I sort it out?

If you do not feel comfortable in placing the order after asking all these questions, we suggest you continue to shop around until you find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

When you are buying jewellery online:

Buying jewellery online is perfectly ok, if you know exactly what you are getting. We hear all the time that people buy jewellery online, when they receive the piece it is nothing like what they thought it would be. Either the quality is not as good as they thought it would be or the diamonds and coloured stones are not as good as what they thought they would get. The key here is being able to talk to an actual person about what you are purchasing and asking as many questions as you need to be sure you are purchasing what you think you are.

These are a few key considerations you should have when buying jewellery online:

  • Is this company affiliated with someone like the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA)

  • Does this business have a registered ABN number?

  • Is this business in Australia or overseas?

  • If this is an overseas business, how will I fix a problem? And are there any charges from customs etc to import it?

  • Are you looking for a mass produced piece of jewellery or a custom handmade piece?

  • Do the diamonds that are supplied come with an Internationally recognized diamond certificate?

  • Will your jewellery come with a third party jewellery valuation?

  • Do they guarantee there workmanship against faults?

  • Is my piece of jewellery covered by the businesses insurance until I receive it?

There is saving that you could have by purchasing your jewellery online, however please ask the business lots of questions and make sure there is a guarantee for their workmanship. This way if the quality of the jewellery is not up to your standard, can you return it? If the business you are look at is from outside Australia, please bare in mind that you will need to pay duties and taxes on all diamonds and jewellery over one thousand dollars as it enters the country. Usually this is payable by the receiver of the parcel. And please remember... if it is too good of a bargain to be true, then it probably is.