Cushion cut diamond rings were quite popular in the late 1800s and the in the early 1900s. It was commonly referred to as the ‘candlelight diamond’ or the ‘pillow cut’. Since 1830, most diamond rings were cushion cut for almost 70 years, and the popularity of this style has re-emerged with most people looking for this cut as their preferred shape for their engagement ring.

Cushion cut diamonds have once again become one of the favourite shapes to have for the centerpiece of your wedding engagement rings Sydney. This cut works well in vintage styles especially if the ring is beautifully decorated with other small sized diamonds or precious stones around the cushion cut diamond creating a beautiful halo around the cushion cut.

These antique cut diamonds are also quite popular with celebrities and professional models. For instance, business mogul, Jared Kushner proposed to his fiancé, Ivan Trump with a 6 carat cushion cut diamond ring from her own jewelry collection. Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel with a classic halo designed cushion cut diamond ring that has proved to be one of the most popular designs for a cushion cut. With many celebrities choosing it due to its style, these diamonds continue to achieve unrivalled heights of popularity.

When buying or selecting a cushion cut diamond, be sure to place considerable emphasis on the clarity and colour. This will be the most important characteristic that will be needed to have the most sparkle as possible from your cushion cut diamond. To make an appointment to view some of our cushion cut diamonds and engagement rings please contact us to make an appointment with a specialist.