Alright, alright, I’ll admit it – I like following the tabloids as much as any of you. And when I see something in there that’s directly related to my line of work, I follow it twice as hard! When you eat, breathe and sleep the world of diamonds, then see that world excitedly sprayed all over the pages of your favourite magazine, you’re going to sit up and take notice.

Whenever I’m reading about one celebrity getting hitched to another, all I care about is getting a look at that ring.

Unfortunately, I’m not always impressed. I guess it only goes to show that more people need to ask a professional for a recommendations, especially when they’ve got a bit more cash to…shall we say…splurge.

Here are five of my favourites; the trashiest, most gaudy celebrity engagement rings I’ve ever seen. Remember, these are all just my opinion – but when your name is on the front of the business, your opinion tends to weigh in at a little more than average.


5) Avril Lavigne

This is just bad, bad design – what happens when your ring-maker forgets that your diamond has to comfortably fit on your finger as well as blind your detractors with its sparkles. You’ll be surprised to hear that fruit-shaped rings aren’t nearly as rare as they should be, but they’re rarely this…eye-catching. Remember girls, size is not everything.



4. Mariah Carey

Just like you should make sure the ring isn’t too big, you also need to make sure it isn’t too busy. Case in point, the multi-million dollar engagement ring Mariah Carey sported in 2008. Fiancée Nick Cannon loaded it up with tens of diamonds in what we with a little bit of taste like to refer to as, ‘overkill’. It’s one thing to want your woman to show off her ring, but let’s make sure she can lift her finger to do it?




3. Jennifer Aniston

Here’s something you learn pretty fast in this biz: you need a good balance of style and colour, or the whole product just comes off as cheap. Case in point: Jennifer Aniston’s big and flashy engagement ring that made me question the sanity of some people with too much money. I know that people are going crazy about opal-styled rings right now, but that doesn’t mean you just go out and buy the most opal-looking thing you can find, does it?



2. Miley Cyrus

Surprisingly enough, this one is estimated to be on the lower end of the price range as far as celebrity engagement rings go (remember, three month’s salary can get very pricey when you’re raking in 8 figures a year). It’s also a good example of a dated fashion that just looks out of place in today’s modern world: strikingly thick gold bands and a rock that could break a few teeth went out of style a few decades ago. We could’ve told you that.



1. Kim Kardashian

The crown jewel of tacky engagement rings; this one screams more about its wearer’s lack of taste than it does her social status. It’s the biggest mistake I see people with a bit of money make: making it obvious that they want you to see it. Nobody likes a show-off – it’s why I take so much pride in helping people find a diamond that says what they want with a bit of class. 

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