The Taylor Burton

The Taylor Burton

The Taylor Burton Diamond

The Taylor-Burton Diamond is a diamond made famous when purchased by actor Richard Burton who made the purchase for his wife Dame Elizabeth Taylor in 1969. The Taylor-Burton received worldwide publicity for its size and value.

The diamond was found in 1966 in the Premier Mine in South Africa, weighing a total of 241 carats. It was then cut by Harry Winston to 69.42 carats in the shape of a pear shape diamond.

The diamond was originally owned by Harriet Annenberg Ames. It was subsequently purchased at auction by Robert Kenmore, owner of the luxury brand Cartier. The Cartier Company placed the diamond into a necklace and sent to auction. If sold this would be the first million dollar diamond to be sold at a public auction. Many other diamonds before it were sold for 7 figures; however none of them were sold publicly. policy.

Richard Burton, employed an auction agent to bid for the diamond on his behalf, but had dropped out of the bidding when the price broached the $1 million; subsequently he did purchase the diamond for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, soon after the auction ended. Cartier parted with the diamond for a small premium (Burton is believed to have paid around $1.1 million for the diamond). Due to the great publicity that the sale generated, Burton and Taylor then being top movie stars and arguably the most famous couple in the world. Taylor then wore it publicly on the necklace for the first time at Princess Grace of Monaco's 40th birthday celebration held in Monaco.