Why Choose Us

Unmatched Craftsmanship:

At Troy Clancy Jewellery, we excel in the art of jewellery making. With over 27 years of experience, Troy has honed his skills alongside renowned master jewellers, perfecting the creation of exceptional, handcrafted pieces of the highest quality. Our commitment to unmatched craftsmanship ensures that each jewellery piece is a true work of art.

Personalised and Professional Service:

We provide our clients with personalised and professional service, exclusively by appointment. This approach allows Troy to devote his undivided attention to you, ensuring a dedicated and collaborative experience when designing your dream jewellery piece. By communicating directly with the master jeweller and designer, you benefit from expert guidance and a seamless process.


Recognized Excellence:

Troy takes great pride in his work and has been recognized for his excellence in the industry. As a finalist in the prestigious Sydney Business Awards 2012 and a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA), you can trust that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy jeweller who upholds the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


Access to Finest Diamonds:

Through established relationships with De Beers DTC Sightholders worldwide, Troy has direct access to a vast selection of diamonds in various shapes, colours, clarities, and carat weights. This exclusive access ensures that our clients have the opportunity to acquire the highest quality conflict-free diamonds for their cherished jewellery pieces. Explore our Diamond Inventory to discover your dream diamond.


Memorable Experience:

At Troy Clancy Jewellery, we aim to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience throughout your jewellery journey. When you visit our Sydney Studio, you will have the opportunity to witness the magic of our workshop firsthand. Troy will be delighted to meet you, discuss your aspirations, and guide you towards creating a jewellery piece that holds significance and beauty.



To embark on this extraordinary journey, contact Troy today at via email [email protected] to schedule your personalised appointment. Explore our stunning collection of Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Dress Rings, and more, for a glimpse of the exceptional craftsmanship that awaits you.